VX2000 page

This page will contain my observations about the Sony DCR-VX2000 MiniDV camcorder. So far, I have the following:

Other VX2000/PD150 Pages

Sony's VX2000 page describes the basic features. The VX2k user's manual is online. Here is ZDNet's pre-release review of the VX2000. The VX1000 Forum is a good place to ask questions of other VX2k and VX1k owners. David Ruether has a very useful VX2000 review, including many stills. Brooks Reid wrote a detailed review. Chris Hurd has a VX2000 page. AlanBarker.com has several quite informative articles about the VX2000/PD150, microphones and audio. Mark J.T. compares the PAL model TRV120e vs VX2000e images on that page. DVWorld in Taiwan has three pages ( 1, 2, 3) of stills comparing the VX2000, TRV900 and Panasonic NV-MX300A.

There is a VX2000 mailing list. There is a gallery of memory-stick image overlays to chroma-key onto your video at streamovie.com.

The Sony DSR-PD150 is mostly the same as the VX2000, but sold by Sony's professional division instead of the consumer branch, and can switch between DVCAM and MiniDV (SP only). The Sony DSR250 takes full-sized DV or MiniDV tape, with (reportedly) mostly the same internals as the VX2000 and PD150. It may be the first pro shoulder-mount camcorder to feature a flip-out LCD screen. I saw it for sale at profeel.com.

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