The Hot Sony Rumours in December, 1999.

What's new from Sony in Y2K.  Secondhand news from an informed source.

1) New D8 models with enhanced still capability including on-camera prints -
a "dv polaroid" perhaps?
 (Correct: "2nd generation" D8s including TRV820 with photo printer)

2) VX1000 successor is coming in 2000
 (Correct: see my VX2000 page.)

3) TRV900 and PC100 will remain unchanged through 2000.

4) Steady Shot system performance will be tweaked
 (? I have no idea about this, actually)

5) Laser Link receivers will be revamped for greater distance
 (Correct: IFT-R20 replaces older IFT-R10A)

6) A couple of new analog 8mm/Hi-8 models
 (? I didn't pay any attention.)

7) mini disc camera (DCM-M1, already announced)

Addendum, 10/30/00:The following was posted anonymously on Oct. 29, 2000 at

I was in Japan last month and talked to a lot of video camera dealers. The VX2000 just came out this year in Japan. The only new Sony camera in Japan is the PC110 (replacement) for the PC100.

I was most interested in getting the scoop on a possible TRV900 replacement (a TRV1000), but everyone I talked to said "NO" there isn't one on the horizon. One person I talked to said that the Sony Video Division management has changed lately, so the VX2000/PD150 are the only decent Sony model that will be coming out for a while. He regarded anything other than the TRV900 and VX2000/PD150 as shoddy imitations of other manufacturers cameras, with Sony labels slapped on for the consumer market.

Back here in the US, I recently attended the DVExpo in Long Beach, CA. I talked to the Canon and Sony Reps. Sony said nothing new is coming out soon. I asked Canon about an XL2 or a camera between the GL1 and XL1, but they said nothing new for a year. And that will be the XL2, which will be more "evolutionary" than "revolutionary." I was told the GL1 has "just come out" so it has a few more years left in it's product cycle lifespan...

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