From: "Jean-Paul De Feyter" (Jean-Paul.De.Feyter village uunet be)
Subject: Stills from JVC-GR-DVL 9600
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 01:34:37 +0200

Hi John,

You wanted to see some stills taken with a JVC-9500 on a Web site.
I don't have a Web site, but I do have a JVC-DVL9600, which is the European
version of the US 9500 with DV-IN. (The European 9500 has no DV-IN).

The stills I've included here are taken from progressive scan mode video
(not photo mode).  Personally I am happy with the quality of the
stills. The PS mode video is also good.

The stills have been extracted from the DV tapes using JVC's JLIP software
(I do not have a DV board yet) and saved as JPEG images with MS Photo
Editor. I probably better should have taken the DV format for comparisons.
The stills are extracts from in total 7 hour video tape recordings, made
during a trip in Rajastan, India. During this trip I very much appreciated
the small size and light weight of the 9600. Another appreciated feature was
the build in flash. Although the standard battery lasts only 1 hour, I never
had a shortage of power using 1 spare battery.

I hope this is somewhat useful info.

Thanks for your interesting Website.


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