Hard Cases and Carriers for TRV900

Subject:  Pelican case for 900?
From: Peter Gould (pgould at almaak usc edu)
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 1999 4:45 PM

I'm considering a hard Pelican case for my 900.  I teach at a film school
and we use the Pelican 1500, which measures 17x11 3/4 x 6 inside.  However,
several people have suggested the slightly smaller version, the 1450, which
is 15 x 10 1/2 x 6.  Does anyone on the list use one of these cases?  Which
version do you use?

Is the Pelican case the best bet? I looked at the Sony case but it seems to
scream "steal me" at the top of it's shiny little, logo blaring lungs.
Also, it's rather pricy.  I prefer something a little more anonymous...

Also, I'm looking for a lighter case for casual travel, something like a
backpack, that we can cram other travel supplies into as well.  Any
suggestions for that?

Subject: Pelican case for 900? Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 17:57:02 -5:00 From: "Mardon Erbland" (merbland at wwa com) Peter, I bought my TRV900 about six weeks ago and purchased a Pelican 1500 case for it. (Incidentally, a recap of my thoughts about the camera and accessories is in the archives for October 15th I believe.) I'm very glad that I got the Pelican case and also that I did not go smaller than the 1500; even though the salesperson (of all people) tried to talk me into doing so. My criteria for the upper end on size was that the case had to fit easily into the overhead bin on most reasonably sized aircraft. Inside the case I carry the camera, a Sony AC-V700 charger adapter, both wide angle and telephoto converter lenses, the disk drive, an NP-F950 battery plus the standard NP-F330, a circular polarizing filter, the RMT-811 remote, the MSAC-PC1 memory stick adapter and a couple of spare tapes. There is no way that I would be able to fit all this into anything smaller than a 1500 and there is none of it that I feel like leaving at home either. To my way of thinking, even with the 1500, the foam protection is a little thin between items in order to get all of this to fit. Anyway, that's my perspective on your question. I'm sure others may view things differently.
Subject: RE: Pelican Case From: Terry Langille (twl1 at jps.net) Sent: Friday, October 29, 1999 12:38 PM Can't help you with the size issue for a Pelican as the primary carrier of camera and accessories. I use a small Pelican 1300 for the TRV900 alone because it gave me the smallest possible form factor. The 1300 was my choice because i wanted something that would pack on a boat, or on a wetcraft of some kind and still be as rugged as possible. The camera barely fits the case, but the Pelican is a rugged beast , for sure. Color is important. I'd recommend you stay away from black to avoid cooking your 900. As professional as it looks, it gets HOT in the sun. I ended up with a don't-notice-me gray.
Subject: RE: Pelican case for 900? Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 08:47:56 +0200 From: "RICHELSEN,KAI (KAI_RICHELSEN at bbn exch hp com) I use the Peli 1400. Space is a bit limited, but it holds the TRV900, some filters, the Sony wide angle adapter, 2 tapes, a NP550 and a NP750 battery and the remote control. It is only 8 pounds and very handy to carry around. Sometimes I miss extra space for the shotgun mic which is 2 inches too long and a place for the mic/headphones adapter box. It is bright orange - get a lot of interesting comments on it like: "Oh, what a nice luch box!", "Do you always carry your first aid kit on the boat?". However, nobody guessed what the real contents might be so far. Maybe a nice to prevent my TRV900 from being "twok" (Taken Without Consent) *gg* Kai
Subject: Tamrac Photo Bag From: "Jim Reilly" (jim at florals com) Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 12:46:20 -0400 I have a Tamrac 5285 Video-Photo 5 Double-Decker Camcorder Bag This is a very full-featured bag for camcorder and cameras up to 10" long. The top compartment is fully foam-padded with an adjustable foam-padded divider and a Windowpane-Mesh accessory pocket. A front zippered pocket provides more room for accessories. In back a Tuck-A-Way hip belt quickly converts the shoulder bag into a comfortable hip pack for hands-free action. The lower compartment is also foam-padded and can be separated from the upper compartment to store accessories that are not required during the day's activity. works for me....but then again, I hobby only. I love that I can wear it on my waist, and I am also able to slide it around to by back at other times. When it is worn around the waist, in the front, it doubles as a lunch shelf :) I carry the TRV900, 5 tapes (one in the camera), 3 filters, backup battery and my wideangle lens in the main bag, with nothing else in the main compartment except the camera,(for freedom of quick in, and quick out) In the zipper on/off lower section, (which I leave in my car) the powersupply, connection cables, a third battery. All the comparments are filled, but not stuffed...so squeezing in something else is possible, unless it's your dog, however the taco dog may fit. :) jim
From: Greg Leibfried (gregl at netaffect com) > I have a Tamrac 5285 I just checked this bag out at Tamrac's web site. It looks like a great bag for my purposes. I also checked on the price at Adorama. It was listed at a very reasonable $37.95, IMHO.
Subject: Re: Best TRV900 carring bag - SONY Case $150 Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 09:45:29 -0500 From: "KH" (Win95 at execpc com) We use the Sony hard cases for our VX-1000's and TRV-900's. In our opinion no case looks better or gives more protection. We purchased three LCH-TRV900 Sony hard cases for $150 each including shipped from CameraWorld (Shawn EXT. 5837 800-226-3721
Subject: Inexpensive hard case: Tool Box From: "Doug Graham" (pandavideo at erols com) Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 22:10:58 -0500 I thought I'd mention an inexpensive hard case alternative I found at the local Lowe's home improvement emporium. They had an aluminum tool case, approximately 18in x 12in x 6in, trade name "Task Force", on sale for $30. It's lockable, and the inside is filled with pluckable foam. The top is lined with eggshell foam and includes a removable tool-holding pallet behind the foam insert. The case is lined with a rubbery material, and includes dividers and cross-dividers of the same material, so you can make separate compartments as desired. I fit my TRV-900, remote control, two wireless mic transmitters/receivers, pouch with several 52mm filters, wide angle and telephoto adapters, tripod plate, a couple of tapes, and a couple of NP750 batteries in this little gem. The only drawback(s) I found are: The case has no "O" ring seal to make it completely moisture and dustproof; I could wish it were another inch deeper for a bit more padding; and the foam insert has no solid foam underlayer. I overcame this last one by cutting off 1/2" to 1" of the pieces of foam I removed and reinserting them into the bottom of the cavities. Regards, Doug Graham Panda Productions
Subject: Camera case from Portabrace From: NoMoeMax at aol com Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 22:17:56 EST I just got Portabrace's Trv900 camera case. It is really well made with velcro's and zippers everywhere for accessories and alot of compartments for standard supplies like AC adapter, remote, floppy disc adapter, etc. I picked it up for $170 from B+H. I recommend for the same amount going with the hard case from Sony - LCH-TRV900. It is a simple case with the camera resting on a shelve in the middle with all accessories underneath the camera. Very little on compartments but the Hard shell is extremely rugged for almost any situation as were the portabrace is padded but has a soft shell and is susceptible to crushing or dropping. But if you need or like the compartments definitely go with portabrace. Carlo portabrace.com hard case
Hardshell makeup case If you are taking a trip, a samsonite hardshell overnight makeup bag works well. It looks like a camera case, and a luggage case, but you need to supply some foam. The inside is a perfect fit for the 900 with or without the wideangle and has a few storage areas. The case is a clamshell design. the camera and a couple accessories only takes up 1/2 of the clamshell design. the other half is free for storage and it includes a makeup mirror if you have to use on screen talent. Only about 60 dollars US. I use the portabrace rain slicker most of the time, but this case works very well if you need a hard shell case with extras. Available at most luggage places; Dillard's and other dept stores. -bullardc

Elite Video makes a custom hard case for the TRV900 which looks like Sony's case, although presumably without the logo, and it is also cheaper. (jpb Jan. 2002)

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