TRV900 Accessories Note

Visible in this photo are the following accessories, working from the top down:

1) Audio Technica ATR55 "Telemike" shotgun, switchable cardioid and supercardioid pattern. 70-18000 Hz response. Claimed sensitivity in supercardioid mode, -45 dBm +-3 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa. The mic is very directional compared with the more standard cardioids I'm used to. If you don't need a directional response, I find the internal mic has a cleaner sound. It comes with a hotshoe mount and a standard mic stand mount. There are very much better shotgun-type mics available, see my microphone page.

2) The mic with hotshoe mount is on a Stroboframe flash bracket sold for 35mm cameras. Some camera stores sell these. Remember, the best spot for the mic is at the sound source, not on the camera. Any kind of camera mount is a compromise of sound quality for convenience.

3) Kenko KVC-200Hi 2.0x telephoto lens. The end aperture is very close to 77 mm and there is no front thread, but if you aren't worried about wind, you could sort of press in, or tape on, a 77mm accessory such as...

4) Hoya 77mm multi-angle rubber lens hood. At full extension, it has just the right angle for the 2x lens, and it makes the camera look much more imposing. If you want to use a hood, I'd really suggest a lens that has a front thread, though. You can obtain a lens hood from or B&H Photo. The latter's web page is not comprehensive; you'll probably have to call them to check.

5) XLR-Pro audio adaptor with XLR jacks (on far side) and mini-jacks and audio level knobs (on near side). I've found this box to work well for me.

6) fluid-head video tripod, "Promaster 6700". At 7 pounds it is quite solid, and I like the smooth pan action.

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