Using the Sony DCR-TRV900 Camcorder
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TRV900 picTRV900 front

Click on an image for larger view. At left: side view with I/O cover removed showing S-video, A/V, headphone, LANC, and DV I/O jacks. The lens hood is standard, it came with the camera. At right: S-video & A/V cables connected. Stereo microphone grille is below lens. (digital photo; white spots from IR "Laserlink" LEDs.) In June 2002 the TRV900 was replaced by the TRV950.

The Sony TRV900 is a high-end consumer MiniDV camera. Sold from 1998-2002, it has demonstrated a lasting value rare in electronics, remaining popular with both hobbyists and professionals, for its compact size and good performance. This page represents my collected knowledge about the TRV900, some other cameras, the latest models, and digital video in general. I include contributions from a range of users, amateur and pro. To learn more, browse through the "Topics" below, the keyword search box at right, or the other search method. If you own a TRV900, consider taking the User Survey. In any case, drop by the User Forum. If you need information from Sony, check here. For reviews of current camcorders, check If you want to help support my webpage, click here.
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