GL1/XM1 Use and Reliability Survey

by John Beale, Jan. 2000

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Note: I am asking for your name and email address so that I have some confidence the survey is valid. I will not disclose your name or email to anyone. However, the responses below will be available through queries to my WWW page, so current or prospective camera owners can compare camera use and reliability.

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Country of use:
Your camera model:
Owned since: Quarter

You most often record sound using microphones.
You would call the camera mechanism when recording.
Using internal mics, you notice motor noise during playback
In your use, the overall sound quality is

  Tape Use
Estimated total number of new tapes you have used
Estimated number of tapes reused (overdubbed) one or more times
Tape brands used: (check all that apply) Sony Pana TDK JVC Fuji Other

Tape lengths in minutes (at SP speed) you have tried: 30 min 60 min 80 min
Tape length most often used: 30 min 60 min 80 min
Tape speed most often used: SP LP

  Camera usage history
Camera usage: Amateur Pro Both
Ever exposed to blowing dust or sand: Yes No
Ever exposed to heavy condensation or rain: Yes No
Ever dropped or subject to hard knocks: Yes No

  Camera Performance and Repair
Have noticed video dropouts Have noticed audio dropouts
Number of head cleanings Normal cleaning method:
Has needed repair: Describe problem:
Repair took: days overall (incl. shipping).
Experience with service was:

  General Feedback
Overall impression of camera:

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